Waking Up With Anxiety: How to Deal With It

Imagine a classroom of people. Chances are, the person sitting on your left or on your right has experienced waking up with anxiety at some point in their life. There are many different reasons for this. Today, we're going to help you move forward!

Waking Up With Anxiety:
Opening your eyes and noticing this “out of nowhere” feeling
of fear within you…

… can cause you to feel unable to move, your breathing is difficult, and you feel more tired than you would if you weren’t waking up with anxiety first thing in the morning.

Feeling unmotivated due to the heaviness of anxieties which can make you more sensitive to the weather, or make you feel like hiding and pushing other people away.

Not only that, but you begin falling into a black hole of bad routines that reflect uncertainty, fear and doubt towards yourself and life…

Could you recognize yourself in some of the things that I just mentioned?


If you’re waking up with anxiety in the morning, there is some part of you that has a distrust in life or yourself. Together with some negative mental patterns that you have summoned on this journey of life and perhaps high sensitivity around energies.


  • Your body will be affected by the negativity, which may result in sickness.
  • You might lose your physical vibrancy after repetitive mornings.
  • You might affect your relationships and your job due to tiredness.
  • You might end up alone.
  • You might end up deepening negative patterns and making them more difficult to heal.
  • This is hard to read, but it might even lead to some suicidal thoughts.

But the benefit of you reading this right now, is that you can get a glimpse of a life WITHOUT anxieties.


  • Inspiration can flower within you every day.
  • You might be motivated to share with others and to be your true self.
  • You can start truly living life and taking chances and opportunities that life brings you.
  • You can gain powerful lessons from your path of anxiety and use these lessons to elevate yourself and inspire others.
  • You could start to experience the beauty and vibrancy of life.
  • You can start to live not only for yourself but also for others, which is where fulfillment comes from.
  • You can understand the source of life’s waves, allowing you to feel at peace and with inner power no matter what experiences life brings you.
  • And your process from negativity into expression and radiance is most likely going to attract a loving partner into your life & true friendships.



Your first tactic you automatically apply to fix this issue might be:
Finding out the reason why you are feeling that way ( with the intention of getting rid of that. )

Know that this can only take you so far and might even make the anxiety worse. Not only in the moment, but you might be making the anxiety triggers more powerful in the future.

Analyzing might help you recognize a potential source of where the anxiety comes. But many times, morning anxiety doesn’t have a single or direct explanation.

You can even experience morning anxiety when you are feeling positive, life is going well, and you have a high energetic vibration. Those might be one of the most confusing ones.

When you analyze, you are trying to understand why the vibration is there and then creating a story that makes you feel better ( or accidently creating one that makes you feel worse ) about the anxiety.



We will show you how to teach your body to release the anxiety far more quickly.

If you must analyze your anxieties, wait until you’re not immersed in them. That way, your mind can look at your situation more objectively and in a way that won’t drag you down.


Body tapping to release energy and bring fluidity.

Meridians ( energetic pathways within you ) run through out your whole body. The knowledge about tapping comes from traditional chinese medicine, which is used to not only move the blood circulation, but to allow your Inner Energy (Qi or Chi in Chinese culture) to move without blockages.

Begin tapping with your fingertips (or loose fists if fingertips don’t feel comfortable) on the front of your body, starting from your feet all the way up. Then, tap on the back of your body, starting from your feet and go all the way up. Stay a little bit longer near your Solar Plexus and especially on your chest area, where your anxiety is most likely to be located at.

What you are doing here is as if your body is receiving acupuncture. The pressure of your tapping shouldn’t hurt you, though make it more “energetic” rather than “soft.” Find the balance and work yourself through your whole body.

Do at least 5 rounds and make sure you don’t miss any body part!

The secret here is attention to detail. When you do your feet, don’t forget the soles of your feet and your ankles. When you do your head, don’t forget your entire face.


Movement with music such as African, South American, or house music.

Your music choice is extremely important. Choose music that makes you really move and not just sway side to side. Get lost in a few songs so much that you feel hot!

See, music… a tool that is medicine, is being used merely for entertainment ( which of course is amazing too). Though we cannot forget that songs are vibrations, which will affect the 73% of water in your brain and heart.

So, listening to vibrations that uplift your energy body plus moving your physical body, will allow you to process the stuck energy of anxiety in the morning.

Remember: This is not about listening to your favorite artists. But to get the vibration of the music to get you moving!

Go full in and we promise you, you will feel a shift of energy if you surrender to the moment. Inviting yourself to also make any sound while moving.

Of course, if you are in a space where loud music is not possible, then use your headphones!


Pranayama (controlled breathing).

“Prana” means Lifeforce in Sanskrit and “Yama” in this context means Control. 

Pranayama is an ancient tool to control the breath and thereby lower the intensity of the mind’s waves.

Because it is such an ancient tool, many people believe they have to practice like it first taught. The reality though is that we live in a different world now. Many of us are surrounded by a lot of people within a city full of noises and energies, completely disconnected to nature.

Making us more sensitive…

Energy is something that we can’t see, but is constantly there. Within us and around us.

Many people jump into advanced pranayama exercises (which might not seem difficult), but require the foundation of a deep relationship with your breath.

Breathing might also seem like the most normal thing in the world, which it is… though Pranayama is about training your body to extend your breath with deeper, conscious breaths that automatically affect your mental, emotional & physical state in a positive way.

The audio you can listen to will give you the foundation to creating a relationship to your breath.

Listen to Selene’s Understanding Audio, Beginner Audio, and Intermediate Audio. (Only move onto the Intermediate Audio when you feel ready!)

The Temporary Way: Step by Step Process

Step #1: Wake up & Stay still while Lying on your back.

Step #2: Recognise that you are experiencing anxiety.

Step #3: Tell Yourself That Everything is Okay.

Step #4: Breathe like this:

Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly.
Take your first deep, conscious breath in. Focus on your exhale and when you exhale, relax every single part of your body (as if you are melting into the bed.)
Breathe like this for 5 rounds

Step #5: Get Out of Bed, Open the Windows, Put on some music (Method 2).

Step #6: Breathe even more deeply Than before and start moving like you really mean it!

Not just swaying your body.
Right now it doesn’t matter how you look like.
Your mission is to get hot and move all your body parts!

Step #7: Begin “tapping” (Method 1)

Step #8: Begin Ujai Breathing (Method 3)

Step #9: To start the day and finish the routine, take a shower.


We just covered the Temporary Way: Incredible tools that will support you on this journey of life.

Though, as you know, life is a constant and everchanging wave…

That’s why there is also an Eternal Way.
A way that moves beyond temporary practices and comes into unshakable being.


Waking Up With Anxiety The Eternal Way

You are unique, your journey is unique and you also have a unique solution to waking up with anxiety.

Your Superb Self can guide you to what you truly need.

To learn more about The Superb Self Pathway: Release the Unawake Life, we offer you a free 99 page guide.

Click Here to Get the Free 99 page Superb Self Pathway Guide!

With All Our Love & Presence,
James & Selene

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

Discover Your Inner Energy... And "Close the Gap" In Your Life.Get the PDF Guide Today for Free!

What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!