People Love at Their Level of Consciousness

There is both "Human Love" - the emotion, the story, created by and linked to your Ego/Identity. Truly a beautiful thing. Yet it goes deeper into "Divine Love," too. A connection back to Source/God/Universe, where you radiate, emanate this Love no matter what is happening. Not only do people Love at their level of consciousness. It's how we perceive and experience the entirety of our lives.

People Love At Their Level of Consciousness

So, when we talk about Love, we might think about relationships only.

But we’re going to be talking about the reality that people can only love a thing or someone or a situation depending on their level of consciousness.

That is a beautiful way of describing it because Love is also an emotion. Even though it is the same frequency of our truth. But what many have come to experience is just the emotion.

The emotion of Love feels deep and beautiful and can be addictive. But it can also be just the Ego at the same time. Just the Identity. Part of our Story.

Depending on what our Identity has received, what lessons it has gone through, what epiphanies it has received, how your mind has been empowered, from there you are able to see if you can love unconditionally, but only to a limit, too.

When we live only from our Identity, it means we are always limited to experience reality as it truly is, because we’re constantly seeing everything from our conditioned mind, from only that Story.

So, what happens if we’re able to love from a place of true connection? To this balance that we both have experienced, which is Yin-Yang, which is consciousness. Being able to look at a tree and feel its beauty without called it “Beauty.”

It’s something very beautiful to see that people can only love at their level of consciousness because that creates a lot of empathy for someone who is still living from their Identity, for example.

If someone hasn’t come to discover their Inner Energy, in a way that they are guided to a pure connection and to be able to understand that we can only experience – we could even change the word Love to Experience – how we perceive reality in that moment.

For me, it’s kind of useful to divide Love into “Human / Emotional / Ego / Identity Love” and “Divine Love” which is the frequency of Truth, a connection back to God / Universe / Source.

If someone is connected back to God, they’re usually permeating this beautiful radiance around them, no matter what’s happening.

Noo matter if it’s an argument with their spouse or something happens with a friend of theirs. They’re able to maintain this high vibration and essentially emanate love no matter what’s happening.

But when someone isn’t in that state of being or haven’t never experienced it, and they’re just in the “Human Love,” then as soon as someone does something “wrong” or “bad,” that love disappears and is replaced with annoyance or anger, with frustration.

When you’re talking about Human Love, it’s something that seems to come and go unless you’ve really connected to the person at a level that recognizes both of your Divinity.

The Yin Yang within yourself and between a Man/Woman or even between a Man/Man and Woman/Woman as the Masculine and Feminine is in both.

Ultimately, when you receive that Divine Love, it gives you a chance to emanate or radiate love from your level of consciousness, which is Connection.

When you’re in that state of being, it’s hard to be knocked out of it. You’re vibrating at a very high state of being.

So when you’re still experiencing love from your Identity, you might just be jumping from relationship to relationship.

Some people believe there is no “one” out there for them and that you go through experiences with different people. Some people do feel there is the “one.”

It comes down to perception once again.

Is there a perception around love: if you’re with someone because of their values, because you match, because they look a certain way, because they have the same hobbies or are open to X, Y, Z.

That person can change. Their Identity can evolve completely differently and all of a sudden, they don’t like dogs they like cats. Then what do you do?

You’re constantly experiencing love through a perception that is very temporary.

I feel that you can only understand that if you come to experience Divine Love. You can only experience that once you feel called to dive deeper within yourself.

Because only from there you’re able to open up a connection to your Inner Energy and in that way, being able to perceive Love and other beings from your Truth.

You can change the word Love for Experience: People experience life at their level of consciousness.

And to make it a little clearer, people are drawn to kindness, compassion, honor and virtue and positive traits that we all admire in people, generosity & charity, based on their level of consciousness.

This allows us to be more forgiving, because we understand they don’t have a high level of consciousness.

When you come to realize that we are ALL divine beings, that we are all equal, that we are all here on this earth, in this wild, crazy world, how can you not have compassion for people?

I walk down the street and see homeless people and I feel drawn to help them.

That’s a pretty basic feeling of humanity – you don’t need a high level of consciousness for that.

But some people, don’t care. They are just in their own path and feel no need for compassion and kindness for people who are struggling in life.

We love at our level of consciousness. We experience life at our level of consciousness.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and video about People Love at Their Level of Consciousness 🙏.

With All Our Love & Presence,
James & Selene

Signature James and Selene Intehgra

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Discover Your Inner Energy... And "Close the Gap" In Your Life.Get the PDF Guide Today for Free!

What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!