How to Find Yourself: Spiritual Seeking

People all over the world are feeling drawn to understand deeper truths about human life. To discover who they truly are, what their purpose is, and what is “real” or just a figment of human imagination. Let's dive into the journey of spiritual seeking and “how to find yourself” today!

How to Find Yourself: Spiritual Seeking 
You might begin your journey of spiritual seeking or start looking into how to find yourself for a number of reasons…

The start of spiritual seeking or looking into “how to find yourself” or even wondering “who are you really?” might begin with the feeling of not fitting in. That you’re disconnected from the life you’re living or how society wants you to live.

Deeper still, you might feel depressed, lost, or “off” for no clear reason. Or that your work or relationships aren’t as meaningful as they seemed in the past. You might be skeptical around things in your life, about people’s motives and might even be known as a “rebel” by the people who know you.

You might lose the desire to talk about typical “topics” like your job or your likes/dislikes, as your perception starts to shift…

There could be frustration from not having the answers you really want about life. And you might find yourself mysteriously attracted to learn about “spiritual” topics that didn’t interest you before.

You may experience strange thoughts about another life. Or discover a lingering idea that you’re here on Earth for “something important,” but you haven’t been able to figure out what it is yet.

You might start attracting people who talk more about spirituality and find yourself doing things that you wouldn’t normally do.


Why are these emotions, thoughts and experiences arising?

Your journey has reached a point in time, when your experiences in your life have led you to come to this very point when your consciousness is starting to shift.

You’re being pulled to come closer to your truth and to begin disidentifying with your conditioning.


  • You might find yourself wandering aimlessly for years or decades, lacking clear direction.
  • Strong feelings of being lost or disconnected to yourself and the life you’re living will arise.
  • You will always be looking for answers, but never be satisfied with what you receive.
  • The safe and secure feeling of having arrived “Home” in your life, will continue to elude you.
  • Frustrated about your situation, you’ll erratically gather information from many different places. Unsure what to believe and what not to.
  • Many times, you will think you’re on the verge of losing it. Feeling like you might be “insane”.
  • Losing the feeling of reality; you will find yourself in a state of emptiness, confusion & numbness.
  • The life you dreamed of… the reality you felt was possible for you, will never emerge.

But the benefit of you reading this right now, is that you can get a glimpse of what it looks like when you learn how to truly feel & listen on the journey of spiritual seeking and diving deeper into the question of “how to find yourself.”


  • You will start to feel an unexplainable connection to everything.
  • You’ll also feel independent, self-confident, and receive an unshakeable peace.
  • Even when there is no clear direction in your life, you feel inspired by a deeper knowing.
  • You’ll be emotionally stable. Things will affect you less than they used to.
  • You will become more empathetic because you’re no longer swept up in any limiting stories from your past.
  • You’re able to watch the highs and lows of life go by and be grateful for all the little things.
  • The constant wondering and comparing yourself to others will soften.
  • There is nothing to seek anymore. You have arrived to yourself. You have arrived “Home.”
  • You will feel more clarity around decisions. Be it your job, relationships or something material.
  • Things fall into place, because you understand your true nature.




Feed Your Mind: Read, Research, Philosophise, and Analyze.

Whether it’s on Amazon , at your local library or with other people, begin searching for information and authors that you resonate with. Absorb yourself in different perspectives and keep learning until you become deeply attuned to your path.

Take a look at some of these suggestions:

If you prefer to listen, try a free trial of Amazon Audible or Blinkist.



Start Experiencing: Practice Yoga Asanas, Meditation and Pranayama.

Filling your mind with knowledge is a beautiful and important part of the journey of spiritual seeking and finding yourself.

Yet intellectual understanding can only take you so far. It can make you feel like you’re “a good student” of life. Though its true purpose serves to motivate you to start experiencing truth and wisdom directly for yourself.

Here are some of the longest standing practices that can deepen your knowledge through direct self-experience.

  • Yoga: The practice of Yoga goes far beyond physical exercise and body postures. At its core, it is about experiencing “union”—between you, others, nature, the Universe. Find a teacher who balances the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of Yoga. If it is your first time practicing Yoga, it is very important not to jump into just any class. Start with a beginner class so you can lay a foundation and avoid getting hurt along the way. Search for an introduction class on YouTube or YogaGlow.
    (TIP: Hatha Yoga is Selene’s recommended way to lay your foundations! Keep it simple! If you can, begin with an Alignment Beginners Class online or at a Yoga Studio near you!)
  • Meditation: Start with an app like Headspace or Calm. Advance to self practice techniques of Zazen or Mantra Meditations. And when the time comes, deepen your journey with our Inner Energy meditation.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama is something that many do not teach or teach in an unsafe way. To get started, listen to Selene’s Understanding Audio, Beginner Audio, and Intermediate Audio. Only move onto Selene’s intermediate audio practice when you feel ready! If you feel like attending a live class near you, make sure you have understood the importance of creating a relationship to your breath! Remember to stay safe and if you have any questions around this, you can message us anytime!


Go Deeper: Attend Live Events and Retreats.

Gaining intellectual knowledge and adding a daily practice to your life is powerful.

When you’re ready to go deeper, start immersing yourself with a group of likeminded individuals and/or for a longer period of time. This can quickly lead you to deep and life-changing experiences on the path of spiritual seeking and finding yourself.

When attending a live event, is extremely important that you feel called to it and that it is right for your path.

Here are some suggestions to take you deeper:

  • Vipassana 10 Day Silent Meditation Retreat: A free (donation based) meditation retreat that can quickly guide you to experience the depth of a meditative state of being in a group and daily practice. You can discover whether group meditation naturally elevates your experience. Please make sure you don’t attend this type of retreat until you have a regular, seated-meditation practice!
  • Landmark Forum: Designed to empower your mind by removing the shackles of any conditioning, stories or beliefs that are holding you back in life.
  • Ayahuasca Retreat: Make sure you do your research and find a safe retreat. One with an experienced Shaman and energetically safe and protected grounds. Plant-medicine is not something you do just to “give it a try”. It is an ancient, sacred medicine that can cause great transformation within you (even physicially). Make sure you feel a true calling and don’t go just because you are curious. If you’re a woman, make sure the Shaman has no history of taking advantage of people during ceremony.


Let Go of Seeking and Searching.

Ultimately, spiritual seeking and looking into how to find yourself delivers you back to where you began. But now, you see yourself and the world without illusion or the lenses of your past conditioning.

In the words of T.S. Eliot, “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time.”

After you fill your mind with knowledge; become adept at meditation, yoga and pranayama; and deepen your experiences with live events and retreats…

… you will come to find a stillness, a peace and acceptance within you. The stillness of truly feeling life in the present moment. And the peace and acceptance of truly knowing who and what you are.

This will mark the end of your seeking yet the real beginning of your journey.

With this newfound stillness, peace and acceptance, you will finally embrace life as you always felt was possible.



We just covered the Temporary Way: Incredible tools that will support you on this journey of life.

Though, as you know, life is a constant and everchanging wave…

That’s why there is also an Eternal Way.
A way that moves beyond temporary practices and comes into unshakable being.


How to Find Yourself Spiritual Seeking the Eternal Way

You might be reading through the “Eternal Way” and think to yourself: “ah, yes, just another meditation”.

There are plenty of labels to describe different types of meditations nowadays.

Though in short, what is different between the Inner Energy meditation and other meditations, is that it moves away from a temporary, mental-focused practice that will “only” bring you peace. And into true embodiment & surrender, which you can’t put into words.

The Inner Energy meditation will bring you to the source of what many spiritual scriptures have repeatedly written about for millienia.

You are unique, your journey is unique and you also have a unique solution to waking up with anxiety.

Your Superb Self can guide you to what you truly need.

To learn more about The Superb Self Pathway: Release the Unawake Life, we offer you a free 99 page guide.

Click Here to Get the Free 99 page Superb Self Pathway Guide!

With All Our Love & Presence,
James & Selene

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

Discover Your Inner Energy... And "Close the Gap" In Your Life.Get the PDF Guide Today for Free!

What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!