Feeling Trapped in Life: What to Do?

The good news is that you’re not alone: Everybody experiences feeling trapped in life at some point on their journey. What you're feeling right now has been felt by millions of others. And you know what? Not only did they overcome it. They used it as a springboard to launch themselves to even greater heights. We'll show you how!

Feeling Trapped in Life:
You might feel a little down right now…
But with the help of this post,
your life can change far sooner than you think…

… and you can find yourself exceeding all your previous expectations! We know that might be hard to believe. Because if you’re feeling trapped in life, it can feel as if time stood still in your least favorite movie scene.

You can’t go forward or backwards… and you are probably experiencing a complete lack of motivation.

Not to mention feeling unsure of yourself and your ability to make decisions that reflect your true self!
And on top of that feeling like wanting to be a hermit and avoid social interaction at all cost.

Feeling trapped in life can lead you to be constantly comparing yourself to others. Experiencing envy, jealousy and possibly despising anyone who appears like they have their life together. (A very bad “Protection mechanism” your mind jumps into.)

You might be thinking “Because, after all, why can’t that be you!?”


Of course, you’re probably also feeling low on self-esteem and self-confidence. Quickly frustrated or annoyed. Sometimes bitter, disappointed or angry.

Without a doubt you tend to blame others and are easily triggered, getting into harsh arguments with those closest to you that you actually care the most about.

Could you recognize yourself in some of the things that we just mentioned?


If you’re feeling trapped in life, there is some part of you that is deeply afraid of owning the true essence of who you are.

You freeze due to the deep conditioned fear around success & transparency.


  • The emotions you feel will snowball and become even worse, which will negatively affect your mental patterns and your physical health might react with sickness.
  • You won’t have the drive to accomplish much more than what you’ve achieved so far in life.
  • Your relationships will deteriorate and possibly become ugly and toxic. Also taking away the one person in your life you could have leaned on.
  • You’ll live the rest of your life a shadow of your true self; full of uncertainty.
  • When you reach the end of your life, you will be plagued by regret and “What If’s”. 

But the benefit of you reading this right now, is that you can get a glimpse of what it looks like to not experience feeling trapped in life. A life where you’re not afraid of owning the true essence of who you are.


  • You reach even greater heights than you previously imagined and exceed all your expectations.
  • Your relationship with your spouse can deepen and become more profound than ever before. People around you might look at you as an inspiration for supporting & celebrating each other for your uniqueness!
  • The uncertainty of the future will no longer cause you fear:
    You’re ready and able to face anything life brings to you!
  • You feel satisfied and proud of yourself, no matter the outcome.
  • Finally, you’ll be living a life you feel truly proud of. One that reflects your greatest potential.
  • There will be happiness, fulfillment, and freedom in your life beyond description.
  • You can appreciate the little things in life and find indescribable joy in the moment, without even trying. It simply comes to you!




Put First Things First: Raise Your Mind and Emotions to At Least Neutral, So You’re In Balance.

When you’re feeling down, you can’t do your best work. Your energy can’t fully be expressed. You can’t think clearly and it’s as if you see everything through darker lenses. So of course you can’t help yourself so easily and quickly when you are vibrating in a much lower state.

First, you need to raise your mental and emotional state of being, so you feel more balanced, fast…

So you don’t spiral down the rabbit hole of darkness.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Get yourself outside and into nature. Take deep breaths to make the best out of it! Be sure to notice and observe the trees, flowers and creatures surrounding you. It automatically brings you into the present moment by activating all your senses and connecting you to your physical body.
  • Take a class at your closest gym (or from YouTube) that will get you sweating! Science has shown sustained exercise can lead to endorphin release, which are brain chemicals that will balance your nervous system and make you feel lighter!
  • Do the work even when it might seem hard: Change your daily rhythm! Wake up a little earlier; eat out somewhere new; get to work a little differently. Life will start surprising you!
  • Practice a meditation that focuses on positive affirmations.
  • Learn and practice Pranayama (controlled breathing). Listen to Selene’s Understanding Audio, Beginner Audio, and Intermediate Audio. (Only move onto the Intermediate Audio when you feel ready!)
  • Practice Yoga. There is a reason this ancient teaching still exists today. Understand that this is not a work out – it can physically challenge you, of course, though choose a class that moves beyond just the physical and integrates all the teachings of Yoga!
  • Go through inspirational, motivational and educational information (books, podcasts, videos). Listen to them when you are on the go, have a spare moment or to start the day. Choose the ones that keep your interest alive (don’t exceed your limit!)
  • Avoid negative influences. People, substances and social media. This can quickly drag you into lower mental patterns and create feelings of envy, jealousy or hopelessness.


Start Looking Within Yourself.

Now that we have raised your state of BEING, it’s time to start looking within. Take some time to look at your life, understand who you are and what you want to stand for and become, so you can begin moving in a direction that reflects your true essence.

This next step is crucial to get out of the feeling of being trapped!

Ask yourself and write down the answers to:

  • When did you feel most fulfilled in life? What was happening; what were you doing;
    and what was your daily routine like? 
  • What do you want MORE of in life? Why? What will this bring you?
  • What do you want LESS of in life? Why? What will this save you?
  • Look into your Fears: What are you afraid of? What’s the worst that can happen?
    Is it as bad as you think? (It’s important for your to really sit with it, but the moment you feel lost in the fear, step away. Tip: Do the best to summarize these answers in a set time.)
  • What are the most important values to you? Is it honesty? Courage? Vision? Dedication? Loyalty? Spontaneity? What do YOU want to stand for and represent?
  • What would be an “Average Ideal Day” for you? A day that you could live over and over again and feel happy and fulfilled. Describe it in detail, from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Get specific! (Who are you with? What did you eat? How do you feel? What did you do?)
  • What is a vision you want for your future? Think about tomorrow, next week, three months from now, next year, three years, ten years, and at the end of your life. What have you done? How do you feel? Who was with you?
  • Take a personality design test like Human Design to receive some tips of how to journey through life with your tendencies & character.


Launch Yourself Into the Stratosphere!

You’ve taken your state of being from “low” to “neutral/balanced” so you can be a bit more yourself.

Then, you set up the seeds for a new beginning by gaining more clarity on your life so the direction you are taking is in tune with your being.

Now, it’s time to shake everything off AND with open arms receive your best self! And you’re going to do that by taking action in your life.


  • … Read or listen to something inspiring or educational EVERY single day.
  • … Meditate, practice gratitude and visualise your goals EVERY single day.
  • … Walk, exercise or go to the gym EVERY single day.
  • … Interact with your peers/friends/family EVERY single day.
  • … Share something valuable (“teach”) EVERY single day.
  • Get to a personal empowerment event like Landmark Forum. This will help you disempower any beliefs, story or conditioning that is holding you back.
  • Find an Accountability Partner so you feel supported and have someone reminding you to keep yourself committed.
  • Really make an effort to cut out what you want LESS of and spend additional time on what you want MORE of. We promise you will feel much more inspired if you do so!
  • For anything truly important to you, put it in your calendar and note down details about  the things you do, such as time, experiences and lessons learned. This will help you create a positive evolution.


We just covered the Temporary Way: Incredible tools that will support you on this journey of life.

Though, as you know, life is a constant and everchanging wave…

That’s why there is also an Eternal Way.
A way that moves beyond temporary practices and comes into unshakable being.


Feeling Trapped in Life The Eternal Way

You are unique, your journey is unique and you also have a unique solution to waking up with anxiety.

Your Superb Self can guide you to what you truly need.

To learn more about The Superb Self Pathway: Release the Unawake Life, we offer you a free 99 page guide.

Click Here to Get the Free 99 page Superb Self Pathway Guide!

With All Our Love & Presence,
James & Selene

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

Discover Your Inner Energy... And "Close the Gap" In Your Life.Get the PDF Guide Today for Free!

What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!

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What we will share with you has changed our lives & many others in a way we wouldn't be able to describe with words. We believe you also deserve that!